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Who invented the LED?

This question traces back to the early 1920’s. But we will start with the latest development and then travel back story by story.

The blue LEDs which are the talk of all retail markets now were made back in 1994 by Shoji Nakamura for Nuchia Corporations. He was given a $200 bonus for this. Nakamura decided to sue in the court of law for a fee of around $180 million but won a record price of $8.1 million, which at that time was the highest amount the court had ever ordered to be paid.

Nick Holon yak, also known as the father of LED lights was said to invent them back in 1962. He proposed using gallium arsenide and gallium phosphide as the materials from which to fabricate a LED crystal. He was doubted by all the experts and deemed as useless, but Holon yak proved his doubters wrong by successfully carrying out the experiment.

But that’s not it; Kurt Lehovec, in the year 1952, led a team of scientists and patented a silicon-carbide-based LED. Due to a secondary flow of knowledge back then, during this time, it was said that Kurt Lehovec was the man behind the invention of LED lights.

But in 1926, Oleg Losev observed emissions of light after striking a conundrum with electric current. Although he was the first to publish work on LEDs, he did not look at them as mere lights but inclined to telecommunication studies and applied its uses there.

To this day, it is very confusing as to who was the ‘first’ person to observe the LED lights being emitted. With a heavy heart, we admit that there is no absolute answer to that. But since the concept of LEDs was used in the making of radios, we believe that it was one of the amateurs working on it at that time who was the first to witness it.