Repair an AM/FM Radio

How to Repair an AM/FM Radio

Despite the fact that technology and broadcasting tools are so advanced nowadays, radios still have a part within our media life, many people still consider listening to radio is fun.

So if you are a radio broadcast fan, you might consider buying yourself a good radio set that come with AM / FM channels receiving features.

Though, any electronic device can be broken or damaged.

So before you go to a maintenance or fixing shop; we will present you some handy advises to fix your radio set by yourself. On the same time; these advices are the basics of repairing only, so if you are a beginner on this matter, this article will give you some good basic knowledge on radio repairing.

Radio defects or failures are common, so it`s not a very big issue to repair a radio, but on the same time, we advise you to take pre-caution while doing so, because the repair is involving doing electricity work, and it could harm you or your tools in a way, so if you want to do such a repair, be prepared well, and if you got confused; you ought to consult a technician on the matter.

  • Remember before doing anything; separate any cords or connection from the electricity source, even if your radio is operated by batteries, you ought to remove them too.
  • Before disassembling the set, analyze the radio`s defect; is it the sound? Is there a bad receiving? The set does not operate at all? A broken antenna?

Analyzing the problem will give an advanced step to go direct to the defect.

  • Disassemble your radio chassis and open it to check on the inside of your radio, if the pieces are dirty or covered with dust, you should clean them carefully with a little brush (a used tooth brush will do the work), take care because the set has some very thin elements and it can be broken easily, clean the little pieces, buttons, and controllers, sometimes dust can reduce the performance of the electronic pieces by making an insulation layer which prevents pieces to be connected to each other.
  • Power source:

Usually radios are connected to power sources with cords, check the electricity cord, it is a common thing to be damaged or cut, and a similar cord from the hardware store will fix and replace the cord.

If batteries your main power source; you ought to check if they are valid and full, also you ought to replace and check on them regularly on a routine basis, this is a good treatment for your radio set.

Sometimes the batteries` place can contain rust due to a bad type of batteries, it can be cleaned or replaced by another similar part.

  • Antenna:

Does your antenna work efficiently? If you notice any kind of bad performance in receiving broadcasts, you ought to check your antenna, replacing an antenna is easy, once you reach its origin inside the radio set, a similar piece of antenna should be available at the hardware store.

  • Cords and wires:

If you saw a damaged cord or wire you can replace them or connect them again with a small piece if a duct tape, but be careful doing so, you must use the same type of the element when replacing it.

  • Speakers:

Speakers` wires are damaged easily, also speakers themselves can be damaged or broken, and these can be replaced by the same type from the hardware store.

  • Advanced repairing:

You only ought to go through this if you are interested in doing advanced electronic repair, and already you know your way into electronic diagrams and components, so you ought to be prepared and collect some info and tools for your radio set:

  • Check your Model diagram / schematic, you can get it from the internet easily, this is very important as the diagram contains voltage and power measures required to operate the radio set board efficiently.
  • You ought to have a volt-meter to measure voltage on capacitors, resistors, and connections between them and cords.
  • Know the types of damaged cords / capacitors and resistors to replace them with similar types.
  • Check the radio tuner, speakers, connectors status, also they can be repaired or replaced.

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