how to fix Radio Antenna

How to Fix a Radio Antenna

Radio antennas are easily broken since they are made of thin metals, and sometimes during usage it can be damaged due to misbehavior actions or so.

But you do not have to worry any more about it, a radio antenna can be easily fixed with ordinary tools, and low cost materials you use every day in your home.

We will give you a handy yet simple way to fix your radio antenna.

  • Tools of the trade:

Ordinary scissor – metal cut scissor – ordinary ruler – pinch-nose plier – aluminum foil or aluminum tin / soda can – duct tape – Extra: safety gloves (rubber – cloth).

  • Using some of these tools can hurt your hands if you are not familiar with them – we advise you to wear a safety gloves made of rubber or cloth, to prevent any harms caused by sharp cutting edges.
  • take a good look at your antenna, if it is partly broken, or completely broken into 2 pieces or more, usually a broken antenna is torn into 2 pieces, so here`s what to do:

Partly broken:

  • Get the aluminum foil and with the ordinary scissor cut and make a part sized with the ruler.
  • Fold the part until it became to the length of a regular pen, on the same time make sure the part is not so thick.
  • Wrap the aluminum foil around the antenna to cover the broken part completely, repeat this process until you feel the antenna is covered and wrapped well, 1 or 2 layers of aluminum should be enough.
  • Get the duct tape and wrap it exactly on the broken part to empower the aluminum cover, a small part of the tape should be efficient.
  • Now you have got your antenna fixed and ready to operate again.

Completely broken:

  • Grab the soda can and remove its above cover carefully with the pinch-nose plier.
  • Cut the can body with the metal cut scissor into a layer, length and size should be similar to the above aluminum layer.
  • Fold and flat the layer with the plier to the length of a regular pen, be careful while doing so as the edges are sharp.
  • Connect the two broken antenna parts, wrap the can layer well around them, the layer should be flexible enough to be wrapped smoothly, make an extra layer with the duct tape until you cover broken antenna`s part.

In both cases make sure the antenna is stable and not jiggly, and your antenna should be able to operate well again!